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Smeg Foodservice presents the New Multifunction Professional Oven ALFA45MFPGN, with refractory stone


Smeg Foodservice Forno Multifunzione Pizza ALFA45MFPGNThe new Multifunction Professional Oven ALFA45MFPGN by Smeg Foodservice guarantees greater cooking flexibility thanks to the possibility to chose among different functions: Convection (fan-assisted), Static (traditional, without air circulation ), Grill, Refractory Stone.

The Humidification System, which the oven is provided with, allows to enter water in the oven chamber: evaporating, water creates ideal condition to cook vegetables, bread and cakes.

Thanks to the integration of the special Refractory Stone placed at the base of the cooking chamber, the Multifunctional Oven is even more versatile since it realizes optimal cooking of foods in direct contact with the stone. Refractory Stone, indeed, accumulates heat coming from the underlying resistance and redistributes it in natural and homogeneous way. It is then possible to perfectly cook Pizza, focaccia bread, savoury flans and fish or vegetables in foil in few minutes.

The new Multifunction Professional Oven ALFA45MFPGN is the result of technology and design and it is an essential tool for professional catering sector.